Dr. Jay Best

Co-Founder @ VentureBoost

Dr. Best is a recognized expert in token sales (ICOs), crypto payments and censorship-resistant decentralized businesses, platforms, marketplaces, applications (dapps), exchanges (DEX) and services. He was named the Top Crypto Strategist in the UK. After pioneering decentralized systems and deep learning at MIT, he co-founded VentureBoost, a leading crypto and token advisory firm. As the Chairman
at CogniCapital, a token fund focused on unregulated and non-securities offerings, and a crypto impact investor, Dr. Best is an advisor to a number of other private and institutional investors, providing due diligence on offerings in the space. As the founder and Chairman of Strategis, a full-service ICO advisory firm, Dr. Best is serving as a token strategy and regulatory advisor and a seasoned board advisor to a number of companies in the crypto and token space.