Lidia Carmina Dumitrascu

Co-founder @ VentureBoost Group

Lidia Carmina Dumitrascu is a recognized crypto strategist, crypto investor and expert on decentralized businesses, platforms and asset tokenization. She is the co-founder of the VentureBoost Group, a leading crypto and token strategy advisory firm established in 2015 and focused on cryptopayments, token offerings and decentralized businesses and economies. Since early 2017, Lidia Dumitrascu is the main partner and manager of Cogni Capital, a token fund focused on decentralized and women-led non-securities offerings. She was also named as one of the Top 10 Women in Crypto and gave a speech at the United Nations on this topic. As a portfolio manager, trader and published strategist at Credit Suisse, Nomura and at a $6 billion multi-strategy hedge fund in New York and London, Lidia Dumitrascu has had an extensive career in financial services before becoming a recognized strategist and thought leader in the crypto and token space. Lidia Dumitrascu holds a BA in Finance from Cornell University and an MBA from London Business School. She is actively involved in causes related to gender balance in the crypto space, data privacy, environmental conservation and sustainability.