Yagub Rahimov

Blockchain expert | ICO adviser @ 7marketz Inc. Group

Yagub Rahimov is Co-founder and CEO at 7marketz Inc. Group, a leading global FinTech media holding which owns 17 brands worldwide, including Nanotechnologies innovator in China, media agency in Lithuania, Blockchain AI start-up in the Netherlands, other leading Financial Media platforms and investor in various ICOs.

Being a libertarian in mind, Yagub Rahimov is one of the few early Bitcoin adopters and true blockchain enthusiast.

Since his first Bitcoin transaction / investment in July 2009, Yagub has been fascinated with the possibilities Bitcoin and blockchain technology offers.

He also operates as mentor and advisor for 20+ successful ICOs. Yagub is also an award winning trader with patent pending trading strategies. His $500K mini private crypto fund which he set up in July 2017 has grown to $15.6 Mln by January 15 2018.